Will I or Will I Not

Hello people that are reading this post.

School is almost finished and that means summer break! But I am going to miss blogging so I have thought hard and I have decided… well I liked writing posts and having people from all over the world comment.  But I don’t really like finding pictures and having to give credit. I am thinking I will… KEEP MY BLOG! Ya I will keep my blog all through  the summer and I will try to write some posts. I hope to hear from my favorite people in the world.

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Have you ever gone camping. My class went camping for two days.  When we first got to the camp site we set up our  tents and went straght to the the beach.

At the beach we went in the water, we caught fish and crabs, we had a scavenger hunt and we even made sand castles. At the campsite we played lots of games like predator and pray, kick the can and sardines. Sardines is a very fun game it’s when one person hides and every one else has to find you but you must be quite because you want the least amount of people in your hiding spot.

The feel of the cold ruff sand rubbing against your hands, while digging deeper and deeper down, this is the beach. My favourite time going camping was when we  went to  the beach and had a sand burying competition. That’s when you bury someone in the sand and make them into something, like one group made their person in to a mermaid. My group had three people buried and we decorated them as if they were in a grave yard and it said R.I.P ( Rest in peace ).

camp fire

camp fire

When we were at the campsite there was always  nice big bright fire that we would sit around and sing songs.

I wish we didn’t have to go home because it was so much fun. Have you ever gone camping? Well, let me rephrase that, have you ever gone camping with your class?

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Image by Fernnando X.sanchez


Do you like to make your photos look professional? I have a feeling you do because I know I do. Well I know a great website it’s called Picnik you can change your photos colour, size, border you can

even add pictures and words.





Have you ever gone parachuting? Well I haven’t. But I hope to soon. Today at my school three sartects (search and Rescue) people came and parachuted down on to the school field. It  looked very scary but very fun at the same time. The wind would take the people and spin them out of control. One day I want to jump out of a plane and feel like I’m falling.



 Would you want to jump out of a plane? I really want to some day but I think I might be to scared.

Would you be a sartect? I’m not sure I want to be a Sartect but I think it would give you a good feeling saving people.

Have you ever been in trouble and needed to be rescued? No I have never been in danger needing rescue.


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Sail boats in the water

Sail boats in the water

The thrill of flying over the ocean, the cold icy water hitting your smiling face. Do you know what I am taking about? If you guessed sailing well then you are right. When you think about sailing you probably think of a big boat. But the sail boat  I learned to sail is a Hobie Cameraman. The program that taught us is Compass adventure

While sailing you must work as a team with the people you are with. It’s important because if a lot of wind comes and you aren’t paying attention you can get very wet or even worse you can capsize. capsizing is when the boat tips over to the side and it’s not all that fun.

Before you can sail you must learn a lot like how to put up the sail, you must learn all the names of the boat parts and you even have to learn about weather and the wind.

Sailing is fun when you know how, so do you want to try sailing?

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Class Election

In the city of Huzzah where me and my classmates live we had an election. There were six parties each with a running candidate. There was Jack the leader of the Happy Party, Maghan the leader of the L.M.A.D party, Keenan the leader of the Change party, Max the leader of the Rasta party, Molly the leader of the W.C.H. party and Darion the leader of the D.A.D.A party.

All the Candidates

All the Candidates sit and wait to share their ideas

Our election was free and fair because…

1. Everyone got the choice to vote.

2. There was no advertising in the polling station.

3. It was a private vote so no one could find out who you voted for.

4. No one  was left out.

5. Everyone had the choice to vote.

6. All mistakes were corrected.

7. Cheating was stopped  right away.

Have you ever had an election?  Maybe you had an election in your class or your school or maybe even with your friends.

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Ukrainian Pysanka Easter Eggs

My Pysanka egg

My Pysanky egg

This Ukrainian art isn’t just lines and shapes, well it is, but these lines and shapes tell a story. Each and every colour, shape, pattern and symbol mean something.

Yellow – Light, youth, happiness and harvest

Green – Hope, health and spring

Orange – Sun and Strength

Red – Joy,  Love and life

Black – Long life and remembrance

Brown – Mother Earth

Blue – Blue skies

Purple – Patience and trust

White – Purity, innocence and birth

Some of the symbols I have included on my Pysanky egg are:

Wave – represents water

Circles – represents the sun

Pine needles – life and health

Sun flowers – warmth of sun rays

Those are some of the most common symbols for Pysanky art. Now that you know some symbols I encourage you to try to make your own egg.

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Warning Hamster Territory




AAAAAAaaaaa…. HAMSTER!!!!! For my birthday I got an  albino Siberian dwarf hamster, so that means she is white. I got her from Petland. Her name is Mika, its  means New moon in Japanese.

Hamsters are nocturnal, so they sleep through the day and are up at night. I always wake Mika up through the day to play, and make sure she is sleeping at night. I don’t know how old she is, but she is around four months old.

Its entertaining to watch her run around, climb up the stairs and play with my cat. Yes my cat. Spike likes Mika (Kinda) only when Mika doesn’t bite him. She loves eating sun flower seeds, carrots and peanuts.

She’s gotten lost two times, once she was gone for five hours. I was so scared because I didn’t want her to get hurt. Another time she was behind my T.V and she was gone for about half an hour.

That’s my hamster! small, White, fun, fast and very very cute.
Do you have a hamster? If so tell me your stories.


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Come To Mount Washington

Mount Washington

Mount Washington

Heavy clothes, tight boots and a long wait. Is it worth it? Yes, the thrill of going straight down a long hill with the cold snow hitting your face.  If you came to Vancouver Island one place you would need to visit is Mount Washington.  It’s one of my favorite places to go. Some of the things you can do there in the winter  include going skiing, snowboarding, tubing and sledding. In the summer time you can go hiking and biking. My favorite thing about Mount Washington is going skiing in the fresh snow.

At Mount Washington there is the Raven Lodge where you can go snow shoeing,  hiking and cross country skiing. Then is also the Alpine lodge, where you can go down hill skiing and tubing. There are many ski runs that are all different difficulty.  Now think,  if you came to Vancouver Island you would definitely have to go the Mount Washington.

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Image by owlhere